Pakistani React to Rishi Kapoor Anti-Pakistan tweet is hilarious


Rishi Kapoor attacks Pakistan and Pakistan cricket Team quiet couple of days

Rishi Kapoor posted a tweet about Pakistan cricket on 14th June

 “Congratulations, Pakistan. You enter finals? Wow! Good to see you wearing our colour blue! Get ready to be blued now! We will blue you away!”

the 64-year-old performing artist tweeted after Pakistan beat Britain in the Champions Trophy semi-last (India play Bangladesh today yet Rishi Kapoor, in the same way as other others, are foreseeing it will be an India versus Pakistan last). Of the numerous reactions he got, Rishi Kapoor singled two out for acclaim.

Later that month, he stated “Pakistan simply needs disdain” after Kulbushan Jadhav, blamed for spying for India, was sentenced to death by Pakistan. Mr Kapoor was immersed with irate tweets, reprimanding some as being trolls and disclosing to one specific analyst to “mind your dialect.” His last word in the trade was this, perhaps a reference to his IPL supplication for Pakistan’s sake:

Member of PTI  Sheikh Rashid Ahmed reply to Rishi Kapoor tweet

Twitter Reaction

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