Natural death?


On 6th January 2017 , one of the actor of Indian Cinema Om Puri Died and his demise shocked everyone.

Initially, Puri was said to have died due to heart attack. But, revealed that the actor did not die of ‘natural causes’, India Today reported.

Puri Friend reveal the story happening with his friend Om puri.

“Puri sir had consumed alcohol. He also wanted to meet his son Ishaan but it didn’t happen. He was emotional during the evening but I don’t think there is anything suspicious about his death,” Kidwai told police.

He further added, “Om Puri then had an argument over the phone with Nandita and asked them to come soon as he wanted to meet his son. He poured a drink in his glass and waited for almost 45 minutes at Nandita’s flat. But when they did not turn up, he took the glass and liquor bottle and started drinking in the car.

Naseeruddin Shah who was also Om puri friend reported:

“His personal problems — in which I did not intervene at all — had left his mental and physical health in a shambles. I know for a fact that Om was really suffering during the last few years. And there was no way out of it. Though his death was sudden, I can’t say it was totally unexpected,” he said. “In a way, death has relieved him of all the stress, and that includes the bad films he took on, I presume for financial reasons,” Shah said.




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