SC rejects Hussain Nawaz request on picture spill


ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected request of Hussain Nawaz in picture spill issue, which was saved June 14 only a day prior to Executive Nawaz Sharif was to show up before the Panama papers Joint Examination Group (JIT).

The appeal to looked for stoppage of video recording of Panama papers case JIT procedures and spilling of Hussain Nawaz photo.

A three-part extraordinary execution seat of the summit court headed by Equity Ejaz Afzal Khan and containing Equity Sheik Azmat Saeed and Equity Ijaz ul Ahsan heard the case documented by Hussain Nawaz.

Equity Ijaz ul Ahsan perused out the decision.

It said that the JIT can record the procedures yet can’t utilize them as confirmation.

Over the span of procedures, Backer Khawaja Haris Ahmad direct for Hussain Nawaz showed up before the seat and said that video recording of JIT procedures ought not be permitted. He affirmed that JIT had no power over CCTV cameras.

Khawaja Haris communicated worry over spilling of his customer’s photo and said that subsequent to spilling of the photograph, a video could likewise be spilled.

What was the certification that a video would not be spilled, he inquired.

Equity Ejaz commented that video recording was accomplished for keeping up precise transcripts. The truths of the case couldn’t be influenced by the system and nature of explanations likewise did not change as a result of it, he included.

Equity Azmat Saeed watched that the procedures’ recordings would help the candidate more than it could hurt him. Equity Azmat Saeed inquired as to whether he had perused the JIT’s report submitted in the court on Monday. The lawyer general answered that he had not perused it up until this point.

The seat guided the lawyer general to analyze the JIT report and present his reaction on Thursday. In the wake of tuning in to the contentions, the court held the judgment over the issue relating to spilling of Hussain Nawaz’s photo and video recording of JIT procedures and dismissed the becoming aware of the case till Thursday.

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